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  3. Aryman

    Ban Appeal

    i have ban in dc and server. I known why but its not me fall... I send u messenges pls respond 😕
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  6. @Ch3rry send me a friend request we can discuss it Deucalion#9999
  7. Ch3rry

    Ban Appeal

    My friend opened a ticket, turns out I asked the wrong question in the wrong server, I asked about other serves in what I thought was my personal server with friends, when My friend tried appealing he was also immediately banned from the discord server. A slight mistake lead to two of us getting banned.
  8. I got banned from the discord and I am not entirely sure why?
  9. Shadoglin


  10. yes it wont let my join the discord it says failed attemp when i try to join my discord is TacooPaul #5119
  11. working tutorial how to breed ascended celestials/fall demonics if anyone needs it https://youtu.be/bEYRxXy07Z8
  12. @Miss Please send me a message with your Steam ID64 and Discord Name so I can look into it. Thanks.
  13. Hello Me and my friends wanted to join your server but i found out i have permanent ban and i just remember i was playing on your server like 2 years ago i dont remember if i did somethink bad but i am sorry and if there is a chance i can get unbanned thank you for your time
  14. Ok,2 years later,but trying to breed ascended Cel bears. Did everything here,getting the spay/neuter spot,van hold E/behaviour/Enable Mating but they do nothing. Has the little "mating turtles" symbol above them but no hearts like when usually mating.
  15. forgot to put naem discord is Armrose#7448 steam is Snow
  16. uh, im unable to join the server. i dunno what happen.
  17. please message Admin Mail on our discord to open a ticket so we can look into this for ya! Discord.gg/chaosgaming
  18. I left the tribe while my dinos were personally owned and they did not leave the tribe with me so now they are stuck in a tribe with 0 people in it. Can you guys add me back to the tribe so I can get my dino?
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