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  2. @Miss Please send me a message with your Steam ID64 and Discord Name so I can look into it. Thanks.
  3. Hello Me and my friends wanted to join your server but i found out i have permanent ban and i just remember i was playing on your server like 2 years ago i dont remember if i did somethink bad but i am sorry and if there is a chance i can get unbanned thank you for your time
  4. Ok,2 years later,but trying to breed ascended Cel bears. Did everything here,getting the spay/neuter spot,van hold E/behaviour/Enable Mating but they do nothing. Has the little "mating turtles" symbol above them but no hearts like when usually mating.
  5. forgot to put naem discord is Armrose#7448 steam is Snow
  6. uh, im unable to join the server. i dunno what happen.
  7. please message Admin Mail on our discord to open a ticket so we can look into this for ya! Discord.gg/chaosgaming
  8. I left the tribe while my dinos were personally owned and they did not leave the tribe with me so now they are stuck in a tribe with 0 people in it. Can you guys add me back to the tribe so I can get my dino?
  9. Hi Will That error happens when you have too many engrams learned or carrying too many items. Please only learn the engrams you really need to prevent this from happening. For more support I recommend joining our discord at https://discord.gg/chaosgaming.
  10. I have a problem when i spawn in any server after a transfer from another server. The problem is "outgoing reliable buffer overflow" and i found that possible solution is:Let the admin delete your profile in the cluster directory(No server restart and things like that needed, only delete the file which has the id of your steamplayerid. )
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