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Primal Fear Celestial Breeding Guide

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Trauma's Celestial Breeding Guide

So you want to breed celestial dinos?  I hope you have patience because you will need it.  Celestials obviously do not breed like other dinos in ARK.  They do not show gender, breeding cooldowns or gestation, though they all exist.  In fact, they were never meant to be bred but we always find a way!  This guide will work for all Celestials, and some non-celestial boss dinos depending on server settings, including ascended variants.


What You Will Need

·         Mutators (Crafted in Tek Replicator)

·         Element (Used to power Mutators)

·         FMK Gender Paste (Crafted in inventory or FMK bench)

·         At least 2 Celestial Dinos

·         Soul Gun and Soul Balls (Crafted in Inventory)  Though I haven't tested it, cryopods may be an alternative if the soul ball mod              is not available.



Celestial breeding can be done with a single mutator; however, using several mutators can maximize the breeding potential and speed up the process.  Personally, I find that using 7 mutators, or multiples of 7, work out the best.  Here is a basic setup:




If you are a hard charger and want to breed several dinos at a time, you can even expand the setup with more mutators.


Using multiple mutators allows you to set each one for different functions without having to wait for use cooldowns while breeding.  Once you place the mutators, you need to add element to each one to provide power.  Generally, each pulse will require 10 element to function.  After adding the element, you need to set the pulse function on the mutators.  Though there are several pulse options, we will only be using 2.  The first 5 mutators should be set to "Create Mutation Pulse."  This should be the default option when you add element.


The last 2 mutators should be set to "Allow Breeding Pulse."


Once this is done, you are ready to start breeding.

Preparing the Dinos

Initially, if you check the radial menu on the dino, under options, it will look like this:


Celestial dinos do not have a default gender so you must give them one.  To do this, start by placing the dinos near the mutators.  


Once in place, press "E" on one of the "Allow Breeding Pulse" mutators and it will emit the pulse.  The pulse will place a icon above the dinos showing they have been affected by the breeding pulse.


After the pulse, if you check the option tab under the dino radial menu it should now look like this:


Since you now see the option to neuter the dino, you know the pulse was successful in assigning the gender to male.  If it showed a spay option, the dino would have been assigned a female gender.  Be sure not to accidentally activate the spay/neuter option or the dino will be forever celibate.  At this point, you can use the FMK Gender Paste on the dino to change the gender as needed.  Once you have one male (neuter option) and at least one female (spay option) you are ready to breed. 

The Breeding Process

After assigning the genders, use the soul gun on the dinos to ball them up.  This removes the "Allow Breeding Pulse" buff.  Place the dinos back out again near the mutators.  Once placed, go to each dino and bring up the radial menu.  Under the behavior tab, click on "Enable Breeding."


The dinos are now ready to breed.  At this point, you can choose to increase your chances of gaining stats or color mutations by activating the 5 mutators set to "Create Mutation Pulse."  Each mutator sends out a pulse which will place an icon on any dino within range.


The mutation pulses are optional, but the increase in chances of additional stats or color variants are worth it.  If you are not interested in mutations for whatever reason, you can skip the mutation pulses since they are not required to breed. 

Now, to perform the actual breeding, press "E" on one of the "Allow Breeding Pulse" mutators and it will emit a pulse.  An icon will become visible above the mutation pulse icon.


Usually, if successful, the dinos will show some sort of reaction after the breeding pulse if they begin gestation.  For example, Argents will jump and squawk, Griffons will shake their head.    Another way to check on successful breeding is if you attempt to use the soul gun on the dino, if it is gestating, a warning will appear stating the dino is gestating.  


You obviously do not want to soul ball it if this is the case so click on no.  Gestation takes about 20 minutes and the dino will give birth to a fully grown adult so you must manually claim the dino.  This can be done by pressing "E" on the dino or by hitting it with the soul gun. 

After giving birth, females will have an invisible cooldown, which can vary, before being able to mate again.  No, there is no way to tell if they are ready or not, but it seems to be around 8 hours, but it can vary.  Keep in mind, males never get a cooldown from mating.  You can also swap genders, making the female a male and vice versa.  This will let you get another breed from a pair. 

Do not get discouraged if breeding is not successful each time as this is common.  Again, celestials were not meant to be bred so it can take several attempts.  The good news it, once genders are set, they do not reset.  If a breed is not successful, simply soul ball the dinos, to remove the "Allow Breeding Pulse,"  then place them back out.  Then rinse and repeat the "Create Mutation Pulse" and/or the "Allow Breeding Pulse." 

This is where the extra mutators are handy as seen in the initial setup.  You can repeat the breeding process without waiting for the mutator cooldowns. 

As your new dinos are born, you can immediately repeat the assigning genders and breeding process.  Just keep in mind as you breed more dinos at once, you want to ensure they are in range of the mutators to be successful.  This becomes a bit more critical when breeding large dinos such as indoms or wyverns.

Ascended Celestial Tips

Ascended celestials breed using the same steps as outlined above.  Before ascending your celestial, you should try to breed them as high in numeric levels as possible.  The stat placement does not matter since when you ascend, the mutation count is wiped clean and the stats are redistributed based on RNG.  Prior to ascension, you also want to max level the dino because it will ascend to the current level of the dino, not the base level.  With proper breeding before ascension and additional breeding after ascension, you can end up with some incredibly powerful dinos.  Level 1000+ ascended celestials are attainable with amazing stats, even when starting with 300 max wild level dinos.




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Followed this process several times. Nothing ever allows me to have the neuter or spay option. Is there an update to this process or a step that needs to be done in order to enable it?

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Is breeding bosses, like the celestial indom, still possible? Since the last update in having a hard time doing it so I'm wondering if it was patched. Nice work on the guide btw.

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I can confirm that as of today the Celestial Indominus Emperor can still be bred. I tried looking for info on this and found nothing so hopefully if your looking like I was you'll end up here and see this. 

To breed them you need two of opposite genders (u can use the S+ Mutator for this)

Then place S+ hitching posts on the ground for each Indom (the range on a post is not big, so one per Indom worked best for me, and learning where to throw them out to have them with a foot either side of the post helps speed up the process)

Throw out ur Indoms in front of ur mutators, as described in the very complete guide from the OP

Then hitch them to their posts and set them to wander. This should bring up the "ready to mate" statement

Lastly use the mutator to force "allow breeding", this doesn't work every time I found it was somewhere around 1/5 times it worked. If it fails then ball them up, throw them out, hitch them up, set to wander, charge mutator, repeat

The should then pop up with hearts and breed as normal, however it appears the dev tried to stop this by limiting how long they can be in the mating (love hearts) stage. So if the "Mating Speed" multiplier on the server is to low they will stop mating before completion. Mine got to 26% before being stopped on 1x so I imagine 4x (or more) would work fine (however as I was on a private server I changed it to 100x, as I wanted to get a result now rather than later). After 4 more repetitions they mated and produced a lovely baby girl, the female shows a "Ready To Mate In: xx:xx" as normal letting u know how long till the next one can be performed.


Hope this helped, took a bit of experimentation as no one seemed to have covered this much but worth it for the imprinted (soon to be mutated) stats.

And if by some chance the dev sees this plz don't just work on a way to squash this method, if people want to have the limited progression intended in the base Primal Fear mod they wouldn't be using the mutator on the mods dinos, if a server doesn't want players to do this they can just disable the mutator, or provide an .ini setting for owners to make their own choice. We play with a modded game to do new and different things, so if someone wants to use a mod to do silly things with things from ur mod, let us. We just wanna have fun

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Does anyone know if this works on Celestial Ferox been trying to about 2 hours but cant get the allow breeding icon to appear. but they can get all the other buffs from the mutator


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Ok,2 years later,but trying to breed ascended Cel bears. Did everything here,getting the spay/neuter spot,van hold E/behaviour/Enable Mating but they do nothing. Has the little "mating turtles" symbol above them but no hearts like when usually mating. 

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