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Chaos Gaming Requirments:
1. Upon joining a server for the first time, you MUST set a tribe name. Tribe logs are necessary for our Admin team to give you quality support.
2. Do not log off with important items in your inventory. Any items or dinos lost while offline are your responsibility. The Soul Terminal is indestructible and will drop like a vault. store important dinos and items in there.
3. Dinos left out when offline must be set to passive.

Ark Server Rules:
1. Be Respectful
A. No personal/racist/sexual/discriminating attacks on any players in-game or in discord. This includes the general use of these terms in public chat channels.
B. Be courteous to your neighbors in-game. Do not build next to other player structures. Common rule of thumb is to build outside render range.
C. Players and tribe names cannot be offensive.
D. All wild dinos and drops are first come, first serve. Please respect other users if they have engaged a dino in order to tame it.

2. Bases
A. Bases cannot be larger then 50x50 foundations and are limited to 2 bases per map per player/tribe. Gated/blocked/inaccessible areas count towards the max base size.
B. Caves over 50x50 MUST remain accessible to the public.
C. Do not block or build around artifacts, pathways, or ramps that are part of the map.
D. Do not build in resource-abundant areas.
E. Building on obelisks or in their respective craters is not allowed.
F. Do not leave more than 30 dinos out in your base when offline. Use the automatation in the soul terminal to produce eggs and resources.
G. Pick up your taming pens when you are done using them.
H. No foundation spamming. The Admin team will proactively remove foundation spam. Please help make our job easier.
I. Do not build next to other player structures.
J. No building on ruins or dungeon entrances. This is to protect the original dynamics of vanilla Ark for all players to enjoy. (survivor notes, exploration, etc)

3. Player Progression
A. Skipping personal progression or helping players skip their progression is strictly prohibited.
B. Do not leech off other player's summoned bosses. The summoner can decide who can partake in the fight, given the player meets progression criteria. Participants should bring appropriately tiered dinos and be effectively contributing to the summoned boss fight.
C. Do not give tames or items to players unless they have had them in the current season. Dino trades are solely dino for dino, not tier for tier.
D. Any players/tribes caught utilizing bugs/glitches/exploits that result in unintended gameplay or breaking of progression will have disciplinary action taken against them up to and including permanent account bans.
E. Selling or giving away unwanted shop items to other players is prohibited.
F. Do not give away ANY S+ transmitter information to other players. This includes letting them use yours.
4. Boss Summoning
A. Group boss summoning with 15 or more players is to be done SOLELY on the BOSS MAP.
B. Boss cages are only to be constructed on the BOSS MAP. Any cages built on other maps will be destroyed.
C. Boss summon hosts are responsible for making sure that all players meet progression criteria for the fights.

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