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How to use a Soul Terminal (PF Edition)

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Soul Terminals can act like Vivariums, compost bins and hatcheries if you can set it up properly. At the moment you are limited to 4 terminals per tribe so use them wisely and separate them for different uses. Hold down E at your soul terminal and the top left has OPTIONS button which will give you access to two more settings: AUTOMATION & NEWBORN AUTO TRAP

The Mesh options (on the right) allows you to change the look of the terminal (check it out in game)



For your Garden

If you have access to a soul terminal, you can bypass using a Farmer and a Compost bin for fertilizers. 



What do you need to set this up? 

  • A couple of Dung Beetles
  • 1 Vanilla Phiomia

Once you get the dinos needed, place down your soul terminal near your garden and hold down E for options. Go under Automation and set up as follows:


On the right, Poop Slot Allotments gives you the option of limiting how many slots on the terminal (out of 300) will be allocated towards Poop. If you only have one terminal which you want to use for poop and eggs, I would suggest using this feature and limiting the slots for poop (to maybe something like 100 slots for all of them)


For your Kibble Farm

Soul Terminals allow for Unfertilized Egg generation which means you don't need Vivariums.


What do you need to set this up?

  • Egg laying Dinos (1 male from each type, rest all should be female)
  • 1 Oviraptor
    • (Optional) You can also add other dinos such as Achatinas and have them create Achatina Paste passively in the same terminal

Setup your terminal like so (see below):


What possible dinos to get for Egg farm? 

  • Regular Dino Egg - Dodos (easiest to tame, easy to find and lays a lot of eggs)
  • Toxic Egg - Toxic Dodo, Toxic Zombie Dodo or Toxic Raptor
  • Alpha Egg - Alpha Dodo or Alpha Raptor
  • Elemental Egg - Caustic, Fire, Ice or Electric Featherlight, Archaeopteryx or Megaraptor
  • Apex Egg - Apex Terror Birds (usually takes 1 or 2 Apex Kibbles)
  • Fabled Egg - Fabled Pteranodon (Easy to find and takes 1 or 2 Fabled Kibbles)
  • Celestial Egg - Celestial Argentavis (Usually the most of the celestial type you can find wild)


For Breeding

 You do not need a S+ Hatchery if you have a Soul Terminal as the Soul Terminal will pick up new borns and will also Incubate fertilized eggs. Go under the "Newborn Auto Trap" option and enable this feature.




Next, you want to go into the Automation setting and select the following options:



If I have missed anything or made an error somewhere, please let me know 😊

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Please add more info on Owl Pellets and Gachas, specifically Fabled Gachas, if possible.  I tried to set mine up to generate feathers, and it didn't seem to work

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So for the breeding , I am able to select the Fertilized Egg Collection but unable to select the Incubation, would you know why by any chance?


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