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Treasure Hunt Information!

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Chaos Gaming Treasure Hunt!



What is a treasure hunt you say?  Simply look at the map photo provided on Discord, charge to the area portrayed, and fly all over hell and high water looking for one of the chests!  It's as easy as that!  Some chests will be easier to find then others, and the difficulty *DOES* scale as the treasure hunt rounds progress, but so do the rewards - meaning that the faster each round is completed, the better everyone's chances at rounds with incredibly powerful rewards!


**The chests are one of TWO soul terminal models, and will have the 'Chaos Treasure Hunt' tribe tag, please see the photo representations in this thread, or pins in the Treasure Hunts channel on Discord for photo representations!**








**Please remember, it is 1 chest/person/tribe per 48 hours. This makes sure that everyone has a fair chance at finding one!**



Please DM your findings to @Event Mail#1576 on Discord!  **DO NOT DIRECTLY DM MR.WIGGY WITH QUESTIONS IN REGARDS TO THE HUNT!**


If you locate one of the hidden treasure chests:

1) Take a screenshot of the box, including coordinates.
2) Submit the screenshot/coordinates (have GPS or awesome spyglass out) to
@Event Mail#1576 on Discord
3) Relax, and await confirmation that you are the first winning treasure hunter (IT CAN TAKE UP TO 24 HOURS).
4) Bask in the glory of your prize. 

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