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Server Rules

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† Ark Server Rules †
1. Respect each other. 
2. Two bases per map.
3. All caves must remain accessible to the public.
4. Do not block any drops/artifacts.
5. Do not block or build near large amounts of resources.
6. Do not block pathways or ramps.
7. No excessive structure placement. 50 by 50 Foundations max!
8. All wilds and drops are first come first serve.
9. Take ALL from beaver dams, do not leave wood in them.
10. Pick up your taming pens when you're done using them.
11. Don't give tames/items to players unless they had it before.
12. You must not use alliances to skirt the tribe max.
13. Building on obelisks or their respective craters is not allowed.
14. Building around Terminals or structures is not allowed.
15. Your player name cannot be offensive or include vulgar words.
16. Your tribe name cannot be offensive or include vulgar words. 
17. No selling unwanted shop items to other players.
18. Don't leave tamed dinos in the wild.
19. Don't leave more than 15 Dinos out in your base.
20. Use passive mode on dinos you leave out while logged out.
21. Don't piggyback off of other players boss kills.
22. Don't log out with items you care about in your inventory.


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